About Us

About Us
Centre of Research for Computational Sciences and Informatics for Biology, Bioindustry, Environment, Agriculture and Healthcare (CRYSTAL) was officially established by the University of Malaya Board of Directors on the 17th of April 2008.

CRYSTAL is committed in developing the area that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries as a focus of academic research excellence for University of Malaya.

CRYSTAL brings together life science-based researchers and computational scientists in a stimulating and nurturing environment for the development and training of a new type of scientist - one who can incorporate theory, simulation, and experiment from multi-resources to expand our understanding of modern life science problems.

Researchers are provided with an intellectual environment for facing problems that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and training opportunities with experts in different disciplines.



Statement & Scope
CRYSTAL fosters interdisciplinary research at the University of Malaya. The centre is a cooperative effort by researchers concerned with the applications of computational sciences and informatics in life-science based research. Researchers and students are open to collaborating on cutting-edge research projects and joining together for research symposiums, seminars and conferences. The members of CRYSTAL also initiate and carry out breakthrough research in partnership with researchers or organization related to biology, bioindustry, environment, agriculture and healthcare, from international, national or regional level of participation. The scope and remit of the research undertaken by the centre encompases various levels of life sciences that ranges in spectrum from molecular to ecosystem such as nucleotide sequence analysis, protein structure and folding, neurobiology, human health and lifestyle, disease prognosis and computational disease mapping, digital soil mapping, biodiversity and impact of climate change on survival of organisms. By working together, the members of CRYSTAL will be able to expand the scope and impact of their work locally and globally.

Symbiosis with machine : Applying computational and informatics technology towards life forms to understand life AND learn their unique systems and processes to improve computational and informatics technology.