Services & Facilities

OMICS Services and Consultation@CRYSTAL (OSCC):
OSCC aims to offer application-specific Bioinformatics data analysis (including exome, transcriptome, microbial, whole-genome) services in accordance with the needs of the client. We may also consider scientifically challenging projects that might lead to development of novel protocols and applications of the existing NGS technology. The services provided byOSCC include: Genome assembly (de novo or reference based), Genome annotation, Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) analysis, Network and pathway analysis, Whole transcriptome analysis - gene expression profiling Transcriptome reconstruction, SNP detection etc. We work with datasets generated from either the Illumina or PacBio sequencing platforms. We also conduct training sessions in the above mentioned areas.

Bioinformation Infrastructure and Data Centre:
Blade Center Cluster System, SMP Node, Application Server, Database Server, Backup Server, General Purpose Computing Server, Utility Server, Apple Xserve, Storage, Media & Conference System

3D Bioimaging Facility:
Di3D Facial Scanner System, Vectra 3D Facial Scanner (mobile unit), [TC2]NX-16 Surface Body Scanner, CrystalEYE Stereographic Visualization System (Running in an Apple Mac Pro)

Cellular Biology Facility:
PCR thermal cycler (2units), Gene documentation system, Mini centrifuge (2units), Autoclave, Fastrep DNA extraction system

Data Analysis Application:
Matlab (Network License), BioTeam (Network License), Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS version 16.0–single license), XPSWMM (XP Software Stormwater Wastewater Modeling Software, Comsole Multiphysics Software, Adobe Creative Suite CS3 (For Windows and Mac), CLC Bioinformatics Cell (6 units), CLC Combined Workbench (2 licences)

Mobile Research Vehicle:
A useful vehicle uses as a temporary research platform during off-site work